Bathtub or Shower, Why Choose?

Everyone enjoys a nice,Bathtub or Shower, Why Choose? Articles warm bath at the end of a stressful day. In fact, most people enjoy a bath just because of its soothing qualities, no matter how the day went! But, when space is tight and room is running out, where do you squeeze in this luxurious tub of yours? There is a solution! Small shower bathtubs have started to blossom in the home improvement market, catching many home owners attention. Although they are not as large as a standard tub they are very effective. A small bathtub shower is a good, basic solution to the cramped space scenario, fitting both a shower and a tub in the same limited area. This gives you the option of either a shower or a bath, and saves space as cost to reseal a bath well!By installing a small bathtub shower in your bathroom, you are giving yourself options. When walking into your lavatory, you are able to make the decision between a shower or bath. This is great because some days you just don’t have time to take an hour away from your life for a soak. That’s where having a small bathtub shower comes in handy, you can hop in for five minutes use the shower head and be done!Another option that small shower bathtubs give you is size. You can choose the standard five foot bath tub that is available in every Home Depot and attach a shower head just above it. Or, you can choose a condensed, small bathtub shower combo. These are perfect in cramped spaces because you can choose a smaller sized one (some are four feet, some even smaller) or one that is square, fitting right in a corner. This saves so much space while also still being fully functional as a bathtub. Most of these small bathtub showers are deeper, so even with its lack of length; you still get your soak on. Square small shower bathtubs are also a very contemporary and edgy look, making your bathroom very stylish and different.Some small shower bathtubs do not have to be a completely new unit. Some homes are already equipped with a small tub, but no shower head above. Shower heads can easily be mounted on the wall above the tub. But, if the space is too confined, you can always replace that old tub with a new small bathtub shower unit.A bathtub shower unit is a great option for people with mobility problems, health problems, and the elderly because some are outfitted with doors creating convenient and easy access. This makes the struggle of stepping over the tubs large sides a breeze because they can simply open the small door and slip right in.Because most people purchase a standard five foot tub, you may have to search a little harder for small shower bathtubs. There are many options out there, but some home improvement stores only carry a small variety of tubs. A four foot standard tub is the going to be available in most home improvement stores as well, and works quite nicely as a small bathtub shower. These are relatively cheap in price, so you do not have to worry about high dollar specialty tubs. By searching online, the quest for the ultimate small shower bathtub may be made easier. But beware, some small shower bathtubs can get expensive (such as the Kohler Mayflower).If a small bathtub shower is not small enough for your bathroom, perhaps some renovations are needed. Sometimes a wall mounted sink will do the trick! By replacing your sink or removing excess cabinetry you could potentially save just enough space to squeeze in your dream small bathtub shower!